Communicate Like a Leader: How to Get People to Listen to You

Communicate Like a Leader: How to Get People to Listen to You

It’s about leadership communication above all. Learn the most important one-on-one skill that dominates your daily life.

Inspire, Influence, Motivate and Gain Followers: Realize Your True Leadership Potential

I started by asking this question.

How do you keep people engaged during a dialogue?

What you say matters to the extent your audience is paying attention to you. In an age of unlimited distractions, you need to be a master at keeping the interest of your listener.

This course is about the art and science of building engaging conversations with people. It teaches both the theory and practice on how to draw attention, grab interest and hook your listeners to you while you are speaking.

This course is for anyone who can benefit from having more inspirational, stimulating, engaging, indepth, focused and impactful conversations with their colleagues, friends, business prospects, relationships and new acquaintances.

Based on insights from human psychology, organizational behavior, motivation science, reward systems, sociological thinking as well as from the corporate work environment, recruitment and job interviews, this course offers a dense, well-researched and carefully structured curriculum that crams years of experience and observations into an easily consumable knowledge pack.

As a result of that I published the Udemy couse entitled Communicate Like a Leader: How to Get People to Listen to You

I thought the content was really valuable for people interested in this stuff, but was not happy about the reach. So I made this announcement.

Great News – Making 70$ Premium Content Free for you!

Hello beloved students who have enrolled in my courses!

Communicate Like a Leader: How to get people to listen to you was my first attempt at making a full course in Udemy. I have put a lot of my knowledge and effort into producing the best content possible. I am very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive reviews, as well as those with constructive criticisms.

Until today, the “lite” version of the course was Free, while the “Pro” version was priced at 70$.

I have decided, to help everyone benefit equally from all the full course contents, to make the 70$ “Pro” version of the course FREE to you. So you can go ahead and enjoy the course right now.

I will be making new content for Udemy under different titles in the future. But for now, I will be focusing on publishing my latest book. I love writing and creating educational content and to be able to do that, I need your support.

To show your thanks and support take a look the either the e-book (or the recently completed audiobook version) of my work on Amazon “The Other Way: Happiness Through Critical Thinking” which has a 4.7/5 review rating and offers a destructively new way for looking at how to live a fulfilled and balanced life.



To get an even wider reach, I had the idea of uploading some valuable content to Youtube. As of today, I have completed that task. And here it is!

The Communicate Like a Leader Youtube Playlist is here for your enjoyment.

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