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Startups of London

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Startups of London

Our Why

Startups of London is dedicated to telling the stories of London based startups. We want to help their growth by giving them more visibility in the eyes of investors, users, talents, mentors, consultants and entrepreneurs.

Our core belief is that startups really are the change engines of the world today.

From ecological crises to political ones; from how we misuse technology to our need to belong and feel cared in the digital age, we are not short of problems to solve. We see startups as the peak of human ingenuity. They allow us to tackle much bigger problems than we individually can. They rely on collaboration, inspiration, problem solving and most important of all, relentless learning.

Alright, but why London? Because despite being called Europe’s #1 Startup Capital; the sources of in-depth information about startups are lacking. Sure, there are sources of basic factual and statistical information. But we think there is value in painting a more detailed picture about who these startups are.

We want to tell the stories of the founders, the team and the business itself. Focusing on their culture, problems they care about solving the most, the challenges they overcame and currently have, the technologies they depend on, the people they depend on, their physical working environment, their growth in terms of team and users, their goals for the future and more…

The How

Each episode of Startups of London, is dedicated to telling the story of a single startup through a combination of video, audio and written media.

First, we generate a list of startups we want to cover either through applications that reach to us or through our direct contact. We filter for London based startups which have found product market fit and have a team of 10+ with a physical office location.

Then we do a scheduled office visit with our film crew to collect the video material about the office and the culture. The visit also serves as the opportunity to do a dedicated video podcast session with the founder(s) where we interview them about the past, present and future of the company.

We also ask the startup to fill in a fact-sheet of the most up to date key information about their growth.

The Product

We bring all the content together and for each episode create;

  • The Video (15 to 20 minutes and published on Youtube.)
  • The Podcast (Full interview with the founder as a podcast, 30 to 60 minutes and published on all podcast platforms including Spotify and iTunes)
  • The Essay (Published as a blog post on and other relevant sites such as Medium, Linkedin and others.)


For applications write to us at with a short summary of key data about your startups such as office location, number of employees, growth stage, previous investments and links that you think are relevant.

If you want to follow us on social channels, here are the links.

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