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Founder Update – 03/10/19

Hey All,
I wanted to personally give an update about what’s going on behind the scenes.

Our belief that culture is a key component of building a startup is strong as ever. However, our experience and conversations with startups has proven that, for the 2019 at least, culture is not an immediate pain point, now, but a always a regret point in the future. Once startups have grown enough, they begin realising the value of deliberately focusing on culture and that number seems to be 150+ in team size.

So it is clear that the timing is not perfect for such a product like to achieve the growth we desire. One of the components with the Cultureboom value proposition was the Startup Sessions podcast. It has proven to be engaging, fun and truly valuable for all parties involved (the founders interviewed, myself and the audience).

Before my arrival in London, I remember searching for video content to understand the London tech scene and not being able to find anything that satisfied my curiosity. Combining this pain point with the interest in the podcast we’ve decided to pivot (or even morph) this project into what is now Startups of London.


Startups of London does mini video documentaries about London based growing and succesful startups. We try to keep the video around 15 minutes long to be binge-watchable and easy to consume. But the entirety of the founder interview is also published uncut as the Startups of London Podcast. We also write and publish an indepth editorial for people who won’t be able to consume the content via video or podcast and prefer to read.

We have already published our first two episodes. View them here (Joblab, Seedlegals) and on a strong path of growth. If you are interested in the growth stories of London startups and to take a look at their office space, you might like what we do.

Start by watching our first episode below.