Startups Grow With People: How to Pick Partners, Recruit the Top Talent and Build a Company Culture is my 5th book to date.

It is an easy to read yet rich book that can help you manage the complexity of the top three most important people decisions: Partnering, Recruitment and Culture Building.

Part One: How to Pick Partners will discuss when it is best to go at it solo and when it is best to partner-up; how to choose a co-founder, which indicators and warning signs to look for before making the handshake and when to look for and how to choose investors.

Part Two: How to Recruit the Top Talent will take a look into the most important principles to keep in mind while making the very first hires of the company. You will learn about Employer Value Proposition, narrating the mission of the company, defining the roles, defining the competencies and know-how needed. On the tactical level you will also learn about discovering and contacting potential candidates, the Pinnacle Model for conducting interviews, making a hiring decision and drafting up an offer that will get a “yes”.

Part Three: How to Build a Culture is based on the appreciation that as a company grows in size, the people dynamics start to change rapidly. After a certain point, rather than one-on-one dialogues, the culture of the company becomes what people refer to in deciding their actions. Here, we will look at the Universal Cultural Codes Startups Need, Actions-Rituals-Symbols and Stories, in addition to a whole chapter dedicated to the Culture Shaping Toolbox.

Startups Grow With People Reader Comments Startups Grow With People Reader Comments Startups Grow With People Reader Comments