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Why am I in a unique position to provide career consultancy?

Four reasons:

1-Behavioral Scientist (background in sociology, psychology, consumer behavior)

2-Knowledge of HR processes (background in HR, Executive Recruitment and Management Consultancy)

3-Understanding sectoral, economical and work-life trends (knowledge of generational conflicts, effects of automotion, AI)

4-Fluency in one-on-one dialogues (ability to see the world from the clients eyes, empathy and understanding)



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Ozan Dagdeviren Kişisel Gelişim Kitapları


Creative Hiring: The Pinnacle Model for Spontaneous, Imaginative, Collaborative Interviews

For Details: www.creativehiringbook.com

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HR&Leadership category bestseller Creative Hiring introduces The Pinnacle Model which elevates and improves the interviewer to see behind the mask of business formality, and decipher the competencies and qualities of the candidates with a high degree of precision. Creativity. Curiosity. Collaboration. Genuineness. These are the central concepts the model is built upon. It is a unified theory of in-depth human interaction that can be used both in and out of the business setting.

The Other Way: Happiness Through Critical Thinking

To Purchase: The Other Way @ Amazon

The only right way to happiness is not about through taking positive approach to life and making simple habitual changes... Come and take 'The Other Way' through brutal realism, critical thinking, re-questioning of basic values we have unknowingly internalized. Based on more than 40 scientific and literary resources and using the domain expertise of the author in the fields of Psychology and Sociology 'The Other Way' proposes a unique and valuable perspective and to its readers. This book is guaranteed to offer you a fresh, mature view about life and give you a sense of purpose to work and better our world.

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I combine almost a decade of professional experience with my passionate areas of interest: psychology and sociology. The combination of these creates unique and valuable insights regarding;

-how people think & communicate

-how they are motivated or become disengaged in the workplace

-employee engagement, commitment, loyalty and retention

-technological disruptions and changing workforce dynamics

-how to prepare for mass automation and artificial intelligence

-how to create harmony within teams and unlock collective creativity

-how people adapt to change and create effective change in their lives

in all these areas and more, I am available for online or live events.

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Professional & Educational Bio

Ozan Dagdeviren believes in a future in which technology depends on "human sciences" more and more. The main focus of his works are human behaviour, critical thinking, art of happiness and social redesign.

During his academic and professional career, he has taken every possible chance to get better at "behaviour analysis"; seeing the person as a complex system and trying to understand it at all levels.

He has gained his academic education in the areas of Sociology, Psychology and Communication Studies, completing his thesis on changing technologies and societal implications. He has worked in a variety of professional settings including the Behavioural Sciences Institute, Market Research, Executive Search and Professional Recruitment among other Human Resources roles.


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