Ait: Çalışan, Anlam Arayan, Yalnızlaşan Şehirli İnsan

Ait Kitap

Ait is my fourth book, dedicated to the exploration of the role and strength of seeking “belonging” in a variety of contexts.

  • Why Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is an incomplete and wrong model of human needs?
  • Roles of Gender, on Manliness and Feminisim
  • Belonging in Football teams and sports in general, which psychological gap to they fill?
  • Brands and marketing tactics on how they exploit our need to belong.
  • The urban sociology perspective; on kinship and birthplace in relation to the need to belong
  • The White Collar Worker, belonging in corporate life and the search for meaning
  • Nation, Religion, Ideology, Education, Nature and Digitalization: Belonging is the common ground in understanding how they all work.

It is currently only available in Turkish.